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AD-50 Reviews

Before AD-50 I weighed 187 with 12.7 bodyfat, benching 275 squating 345… after 4 weeks of taking AD-50 i weigh 199, benching 315 and squatting 385… the best thing was my body fat was still at 12.7. No complaints from me.

Carlos H.
Oakland, CA

Just finished running my first cycle of HARDCORE MASS. This stuff is no joke, I blew up in everything! My weight went from 183lbs to 198lbs. My biceps increased 1.5″ and my bench went up 50lbs. I experience absolutely no acne, I had a lil temper increase but wasn’t too bad. On my off month taking PCT, and can’t wait to start back up again. I highly recommend HARDCORE MASS.

Shawn C.
Las Vegas, NV

I finished a 30 day cycle of AD-50 about 3 weeks ago. My gains have been incredible with very few sides AND I have kept nearly all of my gains. I did experience an increase agressiveness but it wasn’t a big deal. Good product would suggest for those looking to build mass.

Trevor H.
Washington, DC

I just finished my 2nd cycle of AD-50 a week ago. The gains were about the same as the first. I went from 192lb to 203lbs. Then 203lbs to 210lbs.My strength went through the roof, for example my bench max went up. I could only rep 275 2 to 3 times. Now I can get 6 easy. I also finished the same workout with a burnout of 225 and got it 18 times, the most i had ever gotten before was 12. I also gained great strength in my legs, back and shoulders.

Simon M.
Spring Hill, KS

VERY POTENT. This stuff is seriously strong.
I stacked the EXTREME HARDCORE MASS CYCLE and gained tons of strength and size. I went from 203 lbs in week 1, to 238 at the end of cycle, week 8. If you want something that will harden your mass and increase your strength get the EXTREME HARDCORE MASS CYCLE

Brandon C.
Atkinson, NE